It is the intent of this chapter to provide for the economical availability of sand, gravel, rock, soil, sod and other materials vital to the continued growth of the city.
   (A)   Land reclamation. Under this chapter, land reclamation is the reclaiming of land by depositing of material so as to elevate the grade. Land reclamation shall be permitted only by conditional use permit in all districts. Any lot or parcel which 400 cubic yards or more of fill is to be deposited shall be land reclamation. The permit shall include, as a condition thereof, a finished grade plan which will not adversely affect the adjacent land, and as conditions thereof shall regulate the type of fill permitted, program for rodent control, plan for fire control and general maintenance of the site, controls of vehicular ingress and egress, and for control of material disbursed from wind or hauling of material to or from the site.
   (B)   Gravel extraction. The extraction of sand, gravel or other material from the land in the amount of 400 cubic yards or more and removal thereof from the site without processing shall be permitted in all districts upon issuance of a conditional use permit, except that no conditional use permit shall be required in ID or MD zoning districts or in sand or gravel pits that exist as of the date of the passage of this chapter.
(Ord. 110, passed 4-23-1991; Ord. 137, passed 5-28-1996)  Penalty, see § 152.999