(A)   The traffic generated by any use shall be channelized and controlled in a manner that will avoid congestion on the public streets, traffic hazards and excessive traffic through residential areas, particularly truck traffic. Internal traffic shall be so regulated as to ensure its safe and orderly flow. Traffic into and out of business and industrial districts shall in all cases be forward moving with no backing into streets.
   (B)   On corner lots in a residential district, no structure or planting in excess of 30 inches above the curb line shall be permitted within a triangular area as follows: “beginning at the intersection of the projected curb lines of two intersecting streets, thence 30 feet along one curb line, thence diagonally to a point 30 feet from the point of beginning on the other curb line, thence to the point of beginning.”
   (C)   No hedge, bushes or fence located within 15 feet of the front lot line shall exceed 30 inches in height above the yard ground level. Trees in the front yard must be pruned so as not to impede vision across the yard creating a traffic hazard nor impede pedestrians on the sidewalks.
(Ord. 110, passed 4-23-1991)  Penalty, see § 152.999