(A)   Owners have the option of two types of licenses - a lifetime license or an annual license. An annual license shall be valid for a period of one year. A lifetime license is valid for the lifetime of the animal, no matter the duration. The annual and lifetime licenses shall be issued only upon payment to the City Clerk-Treasurer of the fees as determined by City Council resolution.
   (B)   No license shall be issued for an altered (neutered or spayed) dog or cat for a reduced license fee unless there shall be filed with the application for a license a written statement of a licensed veterinarian to the effect that the dog or cat has been altered.
   (C)   Every application for a license shall be accompanied by a written statement or certificate from a qualified veterinarian showing that the cat or dog to be licensed has been given a vaccination against rabies within the time hereinafter specified. No license shall be granted for any dog which has not been vaccinated against rabies within three years prior to the application. No license shall be granted for any cat which has not been vaccinated against rabies within two years prior to the application. The owner must file written proof thereof in the City Clerk-Treasurer's office, or the license shall automatically be invalidated. Vaccinations shall be performed only by a doctor qualified to practice veterinarian medicine in the state in which the dog or cat is vaccinated. If a qualified veterinarian certifies that a rabies shot will be dangerous to the health of a dog or cat, as a result of that animal's advanced age or health, the requirement of vaccination shall be waived upon filing the written certificate.
   (D)   (1)   Each dog and cat shall be licensed within one month after a valid license is required by this chapter.
      (2)   To specify:
         (a)   Upon expiration of a prior license;
         (b)   When a dog or cat is first purchased by, transferred to, or possessed by, an owner, within 30 days after the purchase, transfer or possession; and
         (c)   When a dog or cat attains the age of six months, within 30 days thereafter.
   (E)   Valid license tags shall be securely affixed to animals as required herein at all times. In the event a tag is lost or destroyed, it shall be the responsibility of the owner to obtain a duplicate immediately (no one-month delay). Duplicate tags shall be issued by the city at cost. In the event a valid license is not obtained within the time period stated herein, a penalty in the amount determined by City Council resolution shall be assessed to the owner with this penalty to be in addition to all other license fees, impoundment fees or fines. Valid licenses are not transferable except when the specific dog or cat in question is transferred to a different resident within the city. License fees, and late payment fees, may be amended by resolution of the City Council at any time.
(Ord. 192, passed 2-8-2011; Ord. 229, passed 11-8-2021)