§ 72.047  REGULATIONS.
   (A)   Only one motor bicycle shall occupy a single traffic lane at one time. It is unlawful for two or more motor bicycles to be operated abreast of one another in the same traffic lane.
   (B)   No motor bicycle shall be operated or parked upon any public sidewalk within the city.
   (C)   Motor bicycles shall be subject to the same traffic laws and regulations of the city and state as are other motor vehicles except where motor bicycles are expressly exempted therefrom.
   (D)   No stunts, drills, acrobatics, racing or games of any sort on motor bicycles are permitted on any city highway, street, alley or public way within the city without the prior approval of the City Chief of Police.
   (E)   Motor bicycles shall be operated in a manner as to minimize any disturbances to the public and shall not unreasonably annoy or disturb the comfort or repose of any considerable number of members of the public by engine noise, horns, noisy acceleration and any other audible disturbance resulting from motor bicycle operation.
   (F)   No motor bicycle shall be driven, across or upon any private property without the permission of the owner of occupant thereof, express or implied.
   (G)   No passenger shall be permitted on the handle bars and it shall be unlawful for more than the number of persons to ride the saddles including the driver, than the number of persons for which the saddle has been designed.
(Ord. 38, passed 9-27-1966)  Penalty, see § 72.999