As used in this chapter:
   (a)   "Building Code" means Chapter 1410, as amended, of the Howell City Code.
   (b)   "Building Official" means the City employee or his/her designee responsible for conducting inspections under the building code, rental inspection guidelines, and property maintenance code for residential rental structures and units.
   (c)   "Certificate of registration" means the document issued by the Building Official required for every dwelling within the City covered in this chapter that certifies compliance with this chapter.
   (d)   "Community Development Department" means the City department responsible for enforcement of this chapter.
   (e)   "Dwelling" means any house, room, apartment, boarding house/rooming house, or structure which is wholly or partly used or intended to be used for living, sleeping, cooking and eating. Hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, country inns, and resorts, as defined in the City of Howell Code of Ordinances, Article Six, Chapter 1240, Zoning, shall not be included as a dwelling for purpose of this chapter and shall be exempt from registration requirements.
   (f)   "Fee" means a fee determined from time to time by City Council resolution.
   (g)   "Inspection guidelines" shall be the City of Howell Rental Inspection Guidelines.
   (h)   "Lease" means any written or oral agreement that sets forth conditions concerning the use and occupancy of residential rental structures or residential rental units between an owner and tenant.
   (i)   "Manager" means a person, partnership, firm or corporation that actively operates or manages a residential rental property for an owner.
   (j)   "Multi-family (rental) dwelling complex" means a rental complex with ten or more units on a residential rental property under one ownership and one identified complex name. The rental complex may carry separate tax parcel identification numbers or separate mailing addresses but must be on one contiguous parcel(s) of land in one identified area.
   (k)   "Owner" means any person, agent, firm partnership, association, corporation, or company or organization of any kind having a legal or equitable interest in a residential rental structure or a residential rental unit.
   (l)   "Residential rental property" means the property upon which a residential rental structure is located, which may carry separate tax parcel identification numbers or separate mailing addresses but are on one contiguous parcel(s) of land in one identified area.
   (m)   "Residential rental structure" means any building that contains one or more residential rental units regardless of whether or not one of the units is occupied by the owner. Transitional housing facilities and special accommodation uses are considered residential rental structures for purposes of this chapter.
   (n)   "Residential rental unit" means any apartment, room, rooming house, boarding house, dwelling, or portion thereof or any condominium unit for which a person or group of persons pays rent directly or indirectly to the owner thereof for the purpose of a person to reside therein. This definition includes one- and two-family dwellings, multiple and multi-family dwellings, apartment units, flats, rooming house rooms, boarding houses, transitional housing facilities, and special accommodation uses. This definition does not include hotels and motels licensed and inspected by the State, bed and breakfast establishments, country-inn establishments, or any other facility licensed and inspected by the State.
   (o)   "Responsible local agent" means an individual person, a real estate holding company, corporation, partnership, or other legal entity who represents the owner. The responsible local agent must have a place of business or residence in this State within 30 miles of the Howell City limits. The responsible local agent shall be designated by the owner as responsible for operating such premises in compliance with all the provisions of the City codes and ordinances. The owner may act as the responsible local agent provided that the owner resides or has a place of business in the State and within 30 miles of the City limits.
   (p)   "Tenants" means occupants, lessees, and/or persons residing in a residential rental structure, residential rental unit, transitional housing facility, or special accommodation use.
   (q)   "Transitional housing facility" means a structure being offered to others for purposes of occupancy through rental or lease agreements, or by other mutually acceptable agreements leading to occupancy, or the occupancy of dwelling units in any form to two or more individuals who do not meet the qualifications of a "family" as defined in the City of Howell Code of Ordinances, Article Six, Chapter 1240, Zoning, Section 2.02. "Transitional housing facility" does not include: (1) a "family" or "domestic unit" under Title Six, Chapter 1240, Zoning, Section 2.02 and Section 5.14 of the City Code, whether licensed by the State, county or otherwise; (2) any facility owned and operated directly by the Federal Bureau of Prisons; or (3) an adult foster care homes of six persons or less, licensed under the Michigan Adult Foster Care Licensing Facilities Act, MCL 400.701 et seq.
(Ord. 792.  Passed 1-8-07; Ord. 819.  Passed 5-4-09; Ord. 860.  Passed 10-22-12; Ord. 932.  Passed 3-9-20.)