1460.01  PURPOSE.
   The purposes of this chapter are to establish certain responsibilities and duties of landlords and tenants essential to make such dwellings safe, sanitary and fit for human habitation, provide for registration with the Community Development Department, to require a certificate of registration issued by the Community Development Department, to provide a rental inspection program, and to designate penalties for violations of this chapter. Further, the purposes of this chapter are:
   (a)   To ensure that all rental units (as defined herein) are being maintained in conformance with all applicable building and safety codes, rules and regulations for the protection of the public health and safety of the residents of the rental units and the community;
   (b)   To proactively identify blighted and deteriorated rental housing stock and to ensure the rehabilitation or elimination of rental properties that do not meet minimum building and housing code standards, exterior maintenance standards, and site maintenance standards all in an attempt to create and maintain a healthy, safe and crime and nuisance free environment to further preserve and enhance the quality of life for the residents of the City living in rental units, as well as the community as a whole;
   (c)   To regulate residential rental unit businesses through the issuance of a certificate of registration to protect the public health, safety and welfare, to achieve the goals of this chapter; and
   (d)   To assist the City with information to provide more adequate police, fire and emergency protection; more equal and equitable real and personal property taxation; better efficiency and economy in furnishing public utility services; and more comprehensive and informed planning and zoning for uses of land and structures within the City.
(Ord. 792.  Passed 1-8-07; Ord. 932.  Passed 3-9-20.)