To maintain eligibility and continued participation in the NFIP:
   (a)   The City directs its designated enforcing agent for the Construction Code Act to be the City Building Official, who shall administer, apply, and enforce the floodplain management regulations as contained in the State Construction Code, including Appendix G, and to be consistent with those regulations by:
      (1)   Obtaining, reviewing, and reasonably utilizing flood elevation data available from Federal, State, or other sources pending receipt of data from FEMA to identify the flood hazard area and areas with potential flooding;
      (2)   Ensuring that all permits necessary for development in floodplain areas have been issued including a floodplain permit, approval, or letter of no authority from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality under the floodplain regulatory provisions of Part 31, Floodplain Regulatory Authority, found in Water Resources Protection of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended;
      (3)   Reviewing all permit applications to determine whether the proposed building sites will be reasonably safe from flooding. Where it is determined that the building will be located in a flood hazard area or special flood hazard area, the Building Official shall implement the following applicable codes according to their terms, which are the floodplain management regulation portions and referenced codes and standards of the current Michigan Residential Code, Michigan Building Code, and Appendix G of the Michigan Building Code, all as adopted by the City under Ordinance No. 765, otherwise known as Chapter 1410 of the Howell City Code;
      (4)   Reviewing all proposed subdivisions to determine whether such proposals are reasonably safe from flooding and to ensure compliance with all applicable floodplain management regulations;
      (5)   Assisting in the delineation of flood hazard areas, providing information concerning uses and occupancy of the floodplain or flood-related erosion areas, maintaining floodproofing and lowest floor construction records, cooperating with other officials, agencies and persons for flood plain management;
      (6)   Advising FEMA of any changes in City boundaries, including appropriate maps; and
      (7)   Maintaining records of new structures and substantially improved structures concerning any certificates of floodproofing, lowest floor elevation, basements, and elevations to which structures have been floodproofed.
   (b)   The City assures the Federal Insurance Administrator (Administrator) that it intends to review, on an on-going basis, all amended and revised FHBMs and Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and related supporting data and revisions thereof and revisions of 44 CFR, Part 60, Criteria for Land Management and Use, and to make such revisions in its floodplain management regulations as may be necessary to continue to participate in the program.
   (c)   The City further assures the Administrator that it will adopt the current effective FEMA Flood Insurance Study (FIS), FHSMs, and/or the FIRMs by reference within its Floodplain Management Map Adoption Ordinance or similarly binding ordinance documentation.
(Res. 08-22.  Passed 8-25-08.)