(a)   Use of Sewers. Chapters 1042 and 1043 shall govern the use of all sanitary sewers, including the requirements for connecting thereto and the liquid and solid wastes which can be disposed of therein.
   (b)   Permit Required. No person shall make any connection with City water or sewer lines without first obtaining a permit as provided in this chapter.
   (c)   Use Limited. The use of a water or sewage connection is hereby limited to the property for which a permit has been issued, and the connection thereto by any other property owner or his or her tenant shall constitute a violation of this chapter by both the person having the direct connection to the City water and/or sewer lines and also the person who makes and/or uses the extended connection.
   (d)   Private Sales. No person shall supply water or sewer service to any other person without the written permission of Council.
   (e)   Protection. No person shall molest, injure, deface or obstruct the use of any water or sewer facility in the City.
   (f)   Emergency. No person shall violate any emergency order issued by the Director or Manager under this chapter.  (Ord. 623.  Passed 10-30-95.)