1044.02.  DEFINITIONS.
   As used in this chapter, unless otherwise specifically stated:
   (1)   Capital Connection Charge. "Capital Connection Charge " means the fee paid to the City of Howell for a new private connection to the public water or wastewater system within the City.
   (2)   Charge.
      A.   "Debt service charge" means a charge levied on customers of the water or sewer system which are used to pay the principal, interest and the administrative costs of retiring any debt incurred for construction of the water or sewer system. The debt service charge shall be in addition to the usage charge defined in paragraph (2)C. hereof.
      B.   "Sewer service charge" means the sum applicable to the user charge, surcharges, industrial cost recovery and debt service charges.
      C.   "Usage charge" means a charge levied on users of a treatment works for the cost of operation and maintenance of sewerage works, pursuant to Section 204(b) of the Clean Water Act (Public Law 92-500, as amended) and includes the cost of replacement.
      (3)   Curb Box. "Curb box" means the City-installed water shut-off in a service line nearest the tap into a City water line.
      (4)   Customer. "Customer" means a person making use of the facilities provided for in this chapter.
      (5)   Department. "Department" means the Department of Public Works.
      (6)   Director. "Director" means the Director of the Department of Public Works.
      (7)   Facilities. "Facilities" means the water and sanitary sewer lines of the City and all appurtenances thereof or incidental thereto.
      (8)   Footing Drain. "Footing drain" means a pipe or conduit which is placed around the perimeter of a building foundation and which intentionally admits ground water.
      (9)   Infiltration. "Infiltration" means that portion of ground water which is unintentionally admitted to a sewer.
      (10)   Laboratory Determination. "Laboratory determination" means the measurements, tests and analyses of the characteristics of waters and wastes in accordance with the methods contained in the latest edition, at the time of such measurement, test or analysis, of Standard Methods for Examination of Water and Waste Water (a joint publication of the American Public Health Association, the American Waterworks Association and the Water Pollution Control Federation) or in accordance with any other method prescribed by rules and regulations promulgated pursuant to this chapter.
      (11)   Meter Equivalent Unit. "Meter Equivalent Unit " means the number of units that mirror the hydraulic ratio of a given meter size compared to a baseline 1" meter.
      (12)   NPDES Permit. "NPDES permit" means a permit issued pursuant to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System prescribed in the Clean Water Act (Public Law 92-500, as amended).
      (13)   Operation and Maintenance. "Operation and maintenance" means all work, materials, equipment, utilities and other efforts required to operate and maintain the wastewater transportation and treatment system consistent with ensuring adequate treatment of wastewater to produce an effluent in compliance with the NPDES permit and other applicable State and Federal regulations, and includes the cost of replacement.
      (14)   Person.  "Person" means any individual, partnership, co-partnership, firm, company, corporation, association, joint stock company, trust, estate, governmental entity or other legal entity, or his, her or its legal representatives, agents or assigns.
      (15)   PL 92-500. "PL 92-500" means the Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972, being Public Law 92-500 of the 92nd Congress and adopted on October 18, 1972.
      (16)   Replacement. "Replacement" means the replacement in whole or in part of any equipment in the wastewater transportation or treatment systems to ensure continuous treatment of wastewater in accordance with the NPDES permit and other applicable State and Federal regulations.
      (17)   Sanitary Sewer or Sanitary Sewer Line. "Sanitary sewer" or "sanitary sewer line" means a sewer provided by the City for the purpose of receiving any flowing sewage.
      (18)   Sewage. "Sewage" means any waste in liquid form and includes solids which have been mixed with liquids so as to result in a free-flowing consistency, but does not include surface drainage.
      (19)   Storm Sewer. "Storm sewer" means a sewer provided by the City for the purpose of receiving surface water and/or storm water which does not require treatment under rules and guidelines by the EPA.
      (20)   Sprinkling. "Sprinkling" means the watering, sprinkling, soaking or running of water from the City water system upon lawns, gardens, turfs, shrubs or other property in the City.
      (21)   User.  "User" means any person who contributes or causes or permits the contribution of wastewater into the wastewater treatment plant or POTW treatment plant, as that term is defined in Chapter 1043 .
(Ord. 623.  Passed 10-30-95; Ord. 916.  Passed 8-13-18.)