(a)   The City shall require to be provided and operated, at the user's own expense, monitoring facilities to allow inspection, sampling and flow measurement of the building sewer and/or internal drainage systems.  The monitoring facility should normally be situated on the user's premises, but the City may, when such a location would be impractical or cause undue hardship on the user, allow the facility to be constructed in the public street or sidewalk area and located so that it will not be obstructed by landscaping or parked vehicles.  There shall be ample room in or near such sampling manhole or facility to allow accurate sampling and preparation of samples for analysis.  The facility, sampling and measuring equipment shall be maintained, at all times, in a safe and proper operating condition at the expense of the user.  Whether constructed on public or private property, the sampling and monitoring facilities shall be provided in accordance with plans and specifications submitted to and approved by the City and all applicable local construction standards and specifications.  Construction shall be completed within ninety days following written notification by the City.
   (b)   The City shall inspect the facilities of any user to ascertain whether or not the purpose of this chapter is being met and all requirements are being complied with.  Persons or occupants of premises where wastewater is created or discharged shall allow the City or its representative ready access at all reasonable times to all parts of the premises for the purposes of inspection, sampling, records examination and records copying or in the performance of any of the duties of the City or its representative. The City, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the EPA may set up on the user's property such devices as are necessary to conduct sampling, inspection, compliance monitoring and/or metering operations.  Where a user has security measures in force which would require proper identification and clearance before entry into his or her premises, the user shall make necessary arrangements with his or her security guards so that, upon presentation of suitable identification, personnel from the City, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the EPA will be permitted to enter, without delay, for the purposes of performing their specific responsibilities.
   (c)   All measurements, tests and analyses of the characteristics of water and waste, to which reference is made in Sections 1043.03 and 1043.04, shall be laboratory determinations in accordance with 40 CFR Part 136, as amended October 8, 1991, or EPA approved test techniques, which techniques are outlined in Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 17th Edition, a joint publication of the American Public Health Association, the American Waterworks Association and the Water Pollution Control Federation, and shall be determined at the control manhole provided for in subsection (a) hereof. 
(Ord. 656.  Passed 9-15-97.)