The assessment for the cost of the abatement of a hazard or nuisance, to be made pursuant to Section 3.2(1) of the City Charter, shall be made by resolution of Council. Notice of the time at which Council will act thereon shall be given, by publication in a newspaper published and circulating in the City, once in each week for two weeks in succession, and sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to all owners of the property constituting or creating such nuisance or hazard, as shown on the last tax roll of the City. Failure of any such owner to receive such notice shall not invalidate any such assessment. For the purposes of collection of such assessment, the adoption of such resolution shall be equivalent to the confirmation of a special assessment roll. The amount of such assessment shall become a debt due the City upon the adoption of such resolution, shall be payable and subject to collection fees and shall be a lien and be collectible as provided in Sections 892.12, 892.13 and 892.14. This section shall not apply to those cases falling within the provisions of Section 14.4 of the City Charter.