The application for the permit required by Section 860.01 shall be referred to Council at its next regular meeting and a permit to locate, sink and drill shall be granted if, in the majority opinion of Council, the location of such proposed oil and gas well is such that it will not be detrimental to the public good generally and not be detrimental to adjacent property and not tend to create a public nuisance or public hazard detrimental to the inhabitants of the City and adjacent property owners.
   Council, under its general police power, shall refuse to grant permits to locate oil and gas wells in any place which would be a public nuisance and endanger the person and property of the inhabitants of the City and tend to destroy or decrease the value of private property as now used and established.
   Council shall, by its refusal to grant permits, protect business and residential areas of the City from encroachment.
(Ord. 95. Passed 6-26-30.)