Any person desiring to operate or maintain a pool or billiard hall, a pinball arcade, a bowling alley, a skating rink, an electronic or video arcade or other commercial recreational establishment in the City, shall make an application to the City Manager or his or her authorized representative, in writing, for a license therefor, which application shall state the name of the owner of such business and where it is to be located, including a site plan and the character of the business, within the provisions of this chapter, which he or she proposes to operate. Each application shall be accompanied by a license fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00). Such applications shall be referred to by the Manager or his or her representative to Council at its next regular meeting, and all licenses granted hereunder shall be granted only upon a majority vote of Council. No license shall be granted unless a majority of Council finds that such business operation is in a proper zone under the Zoning Code and will not be a nuisance in the area where it is to be located or constitute a detriment in any way to such area.