(a)   No person shall allow, permit or maintain a public nuisance.
   (b)   No person owning, occupying or otherwise having charge or control of any property shall place or permit to be placed on such property any paper, dirt, ashes, cartons, boxes or any scrap or waste material unless such person takes reasonable steps to secure such matter from being blown or carried onto any street, sidewalk, alley, park, public ground or property of another person.
   (c)   As used in this section:
      (1)   "Public nuisance" means the accumulation, storage or disposition of garbage or refuse in any manner other than as provided in these Codified Ordinances or the accumulation or storage of junk at any place except in a wholly enclosed building or structure, provided that this paragraph shall not apply to a junk yard lawfully operated by one customarily engaged in and having facilities for processing junk.
      (2)   "Junk" means old or scrap rope, rags, batteries, paper, rubber, lumber, pipe and copper, brass, iron, steel or other ferrous or nonferrous materials which are not held for sale for remelting purposes by a person customarily engaged in such business and having facilities for processing such materials, as well as used building and roofing materials.
      (3)   "Garbage" means all putrescible wastes, except wastes of the human body, and other water-carried wastes, and includes all vegetable and animal wastes resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking or consumption of foods. Containers that contained food or liquids for consumption by humans or other beings shall also be classified as garbage.
      (4)   "Refuse" means ashes, crockery, bottles, cans, paper and other wood pulp products, boxes, rags, grass clippings and other cut vegetation, old or discarded clothing, bedding, mattresses, furniture, appliances, rubbish, stone, sand, dirt, nails, pieces of glass and oil and all other similar nonputrescible wastes other than those included in the definition of garbage.
      (5)   "Person" means the owner, occupant, user or other in control of the premises.
   (d)   In addition to the penalties provided in Section 622. 99, following conviction and while the nuisance continues, the City Manager shall cause written notice to abate such public nuisance to be served upon the person convicted and the owner of the premises, if other than the person convicted. Such notice shall be served personally or by certified mail, return receipt requested, and shall state the nature of the public nuisance and the time, not less than ten days following service of the notice, within which the public nuisance shall be abated. If, by the time stated, the public nuisance has not been abated, the City Manager shall cause it to be abated and shall certify the cost thereof to the City Treasurer, who shall certify the same to the County Auditor to be placed upon the tax duplicate of the owner of the property involved to be collected as taxes.