(a)   No person shall permit a dog owned or harbored by, or under the control of, such person, to run at large in the City.
   (b)   As used in this section, "running at large" means a dog which is loose on the streets or other public ways of the City or a dog which is at large upon any property not owned and occupied by the person who is the owner or custodian of such dog.  However, a dog shall not be construed to be running at large when it is upon the public ways or private places of the City if it is accompanied by its owner or caretaker and such owner or caretaker thereof holds such dog by a leash securely fastened to its collar or otherwise maintains effective control and supervision of such animal.
   (c)   A dog found running at large, as set forth in this section, may be caught and taken charge of by officers of the Police Department, the Livingston County Animal Director or its designate, or any other person designated by resolution of Council for such work.  Upon catching a dog running at large, the same shall be confined in the Livingston County Animal Shelter.  If the owner of the dog is known, or if the owner's name can be learned by means of a license tag attached to the collar of such animal, immediate notification of such impounding shall be given to the owner.  If a dog is impounded and the owner or custodian thereof cannot be located, the Chief, Animal Director, or other designated person, is authorized to destroy such animal any time after five days from the date of impounding, provided that the impounding fee has not been paid to the Livingston County Animal Shelter within that time.  The redemption procedure provided for herein is in addition to the penalty provided for in Section 606.99
(Ord. 527.  Passed 9-24-90.)