(a)   Intent. The intent and purpose of this section is to protect the surfacing and pavements of the public streets and alleys of the City and to such end the same shall be liberally construed.
   (b)   Definitions. As used in this section:
      (1)   "Truck" means a motor vehicle designed, used or maintained primarily for the transportation of property.
      (2)   "Commercial vehicle" means a motor vehicle used for the transportation of passengers for hire, or constructed or used for the transportation of goods, wares or merchandise, and/or a motor vehicle designed and used for drawing another vehicle and not so constructed as to carry any load thereon, either independently or as any part of the weight of a vehicle or load so drawn.
   (c)   Designated Truck Routes. No person shall operate or cause to be operated a commercial vehicle or truck on any of the public streets or alleys of the City, except as herein otherwise provided, except upon the following public streets which are hereby designated as commercial vehicle or truck routes:
   Barnard St., between Sibley St. and the A.A. Railroad.
   Catrell Dr., between Grand River Ave. and Sutton Ave.
   Clinton St. between Center St. and State St.
   Chestnut St., between Sibley St. and Grand River Ave.
   Centel St. between Sibley St. and Wetmore St.
   Court St. between Sibley St. and Grand River Ave.
   Dearborn St., from Marion St. to Livingston St.
   Elm St. from North St. to Grand River Ave.
   Fowler St. from the C. & O. Railroad to Grand River Ave.
   Grand River Ave., from the east City limits to the west City limits.
   Lucy Rd., from Grand River Ave. to the south City limits.
   Livingston St., from Dearborn St. to Fowler St.
   Livingston St., from S. Michigan Ave. to W. Walnut St.
   Michigan Ave., from Pinckney Rd. to Grand River Ave. From Grand River to M-59, weight limits shall be as provided in subsection (e)hereof.
   Marion St., from Pinckney Rd. to Dearborn St.
   Mason Rd., from the west City limits to Pinckney Rd.
   Morgan Dr., from Pinckney Rd. to the end of the street.
   M-59, Highland Rd., all those sections within the City limits.
   National Ave., from the south City limits to Sutton Ave.
   North St., from National St. to Roosevelt St.
   Pinckney Rd., from the south City limits to Michigan Ave.
   Pulford St., between Pinckney Rd. and Jones St.
   Roosevelt St., between North St. and Mt. Olive Cemetery.
   Sibley St., from Fair St. to National Ave.
   S. Highlander Way, from the C. & O. Railroad to W. Grand River Ave.
   State St., between Grand River Ave. and Clinton St.
   Sutton Ave., between National Ave. and the east end.
   Sibley St., between Chestnut St. and Fowler St.
   Wetmore St., between Center St. and Walnut St.
   Walnut St., between Sibley St. and Wetmore St.
   (d)   Exceptions. The restrictions imposed in subsection (c) hereof shall not apply to any vehicle the weight of which, loaded or unloaded, is 5,000 pounds or less, and shall not prevent the delivery of any person or property to any place in the City or prevent a vehicle from receiving any person or property at any place in the City. In addition, the Chief of Police, at his or her discretion, may issue a permit for the operation of a truck or commercial vehicle on any public street or alley in the City.
   (e)   North Michigan Avenue. No person shall operate or cause to be operated a commercial vehicle weighing more than 10,000 pounds on North Michigan Avenue between Grand River and M-59, unless the vehicle is owned or operated by a governmental body or unless the vehicle is making deliveries to residences or businesses located on or accessible only from North Michigan Avenue.
(Ord. 301. Passed 5-16-72; Ord. 484. Passed 2-2-87; Ord. 493. Passed 11-9-87; Ord. 697.  Passed 11-8-99.)
   (f)   Signs. Notice of the prohibitions and limitations set forth in this section shall be given by posting appropriate and legible signs, such as may be seen by an ordinarily observant person, upon or at the entrance to the streets or parts thereof affected by the provisions hereof.
   (g)   Enforcement. The Chief of Police and other police officers of the City shall enforce all weight, size and other vehicle and load limitations imposed by the Uniform Traffic Code, as adopted in Section 410.01, in addition to the provisions of this section.
(Ord. 195. Passed 10-17-60.)