272.07  POWERS.
   (a)   The Park and Recreation Commission shall have the right to provide, conduct and supervise recreational areas, facilities, services and programs for the public recreation in its broadest sense, including the right to operate parks, playgrounds, playfields, swimming pools, beaches, indoor community centers and any and all other recreational facilities and activities. Further, the Commission shall specifically have the right, subject to approval by Council, to establish rules and regulations governing admittance to any and all recreational areas and facilities and to restrict or regulate the use of these areas in any manner which, in the opinion of a majority of the Commission members, best serves the interest of the people of the City. Such rules and regulations shall be in writing and a copy thereof shall be posted at the main entrance of all City parks and/or at other appropriate places in the recreational areas of the City and shall also be available at the office of the City Clerk. Such rules and regulations may be amended and changed from time to time, provided that at least ten days notice is given in advance of any change or amendment by posting the notice of change or amendment in the same places the rules and regulations are posted or available. However, the Commission is not required to provide for the upkeep and care of the School District's athletic fields and playgrounds. The Commission shall have the power to conduct and pay for necessary supervision of public recreation in connection with Municipal parks, School District athletic fields and playgrounds and other recreational areas. However, this shall not be construed to delegate to the Commission by the City or by the School District any of the powers, jurisdiction or control of either over their respective properties and facilities. In other words, it is anticipated that the Commission shall work with the School Districts, its Board of Education and the City in connection with public recreation.
(Ord. 205. Passed 12-11-61.)
   (b)   The Park and Recreation Commission is hereby directed to promulgate rules for the use of lands owned by the City and under supervision of the Commission regulating the use thereon of such pavilions, playing fields, shelters or other facilities as may from time to time exist. Included in these rules shall be a system of reservations for such facilities by such persons entitled to use the same on such terms as the Commission from time to time decides.
   The Commission shall recommend to Council reasonable user fees for the facilities under its supervision, whereupon Council may, by resolution, adopt such fees as proposed by the Commission or as modified by Council.
   The Commission shall review the reasonableness of such fees from time to time, but not less frequently than annually.
(Ord. 420. Passed 4-5-82.)