(a)   Council hereby elects coverage under the Old Age and Survivors' Insurance, as provided by Act 205 of the Public Acts of 1951, as amended.
   (b)   The City Clerk is hereby authorized and directed, on behalf of the City, to enter into agreement with the department for the extension of the benefits under Title II of the Social Security Act, subject to the provisions of Sec. 8 of Act 205 of the Public Acts of 1951, as amended.
   (c)   The proper fiscal officers are hereby authorized to make all required payments into the Contribution Fund established by the Enabling Act and to establish such system of payroll deductions from the salaries of employees and officers as may be necessary to their coverage under the Old Age and Survivors' Insurance system.
   (d)   The proper officials of the City shall do all things necessary to the continued implementation of such system.
   (e)   Any funds payable to the City from any department of the State may be withheld by such department and transferred to the State Employees' Retirement Board to be used in the payment of any default on the part of the City in accordance with paragraph Vc of the contract between the State and the City.
   (f)   The following positions are hereby designated as those which are to be excluded: Part-time employees, employees paid on a contract or fee basis and students.
   (g)   For the purpose of carrying out the provisions of Title II, Sec. 218, of the Federal Social Security Act, as amended, the agreement entered into between the State Agency, with the approval of the Attorney General, and the Social Security Administrator, is hereby made a part of this resolution and shall be termed as an agreement between the City and the State Agency and shall become a part of the agreement or modification of the agreement between the State and the Social Security Administrator.
(Res. Unno. Passed 12-22-51.)