(a)   It shall be the policy of the City to purchase and use recycled products whenever possible to the extent that such use does not negatively impact health, safety or operational efficiency.
   (b)   All procurement procedures and specifications shall clearly indicate a preference for recycled products.
   (c)   Recycled products will be purchased when quality and performance are not compromised and the cost differential between such products and products made with raw materials does not exceed ten percent, with a maximum difference of one thousand dollars ($1,000) per contract.
   (d)   All purchases in excess of five thousand dollars ($5,000) will require City Council approval.  In all cases requiring Council approval, Council shall reserve the right to make the purchase that Council judges to be in the best interests of the City.
   (e)   In evaluating recycled products for purchase, preference shall be given to products meeting recommended minimum content amounts as specified from time to time by the State of Michigan and/or the Federal Government.  A copy of the current EPA minimum content standards for paper products is attached to original Resolution 92-2, passed February 24, 1992, as Exhibit A.  Preference shall also be given to those products having the highest percentage of post-consumer recovered material.  Post-consumer recovered material is defined as a finished material which would normally be disposed of as a solid waste, having completed its life goal as a consumer item. Examples of post-consumer recovered materials include, but are not limited to, used newspaper, office paper, yard waste, plastic bottles, oil, asphalt, concrete and tires.
   (f)   The City will cooperate with Livingston County and other governmental agencies and non-profit groups in the development of programs and procedures which will further this policy.
(Res. 92-2.  Passed 2-24-92; Ord. 725.  Passed 4-22-02.)