Section 12.19 Tax Roll Certified for Collection.
   (a)   After extending the taxes aforesaid and not later than the second Monday in June in each year, the Assessor shall certify the tax roll, and shall annex his warrant thereto, directing and requiring the Treasurer to collect from the several persons named in the roll the several sums mentioned therein opposite their respective names as a tax, assessment, or charge, and granting to and vesting in him, for the purpose of collecting the taxes, assessments, and charges on the roll, all the power and immunities granted by law to township treasurers for the collection of taxes.
   (b)   The Assessor shall, at the same time, deliver to the Clerk a statement showing the amount of the taxes assessed upon the roll and the Clerk shall make an entry thereof in the books of his office and charge the gross amount thereof to the Treasurer.