Section 12.8 Time for Making Assessment Rolls.
   On or before the first day of the meeting of the Board of Review in each year, the Assessor shall complete and certify an assessment roll in the manner and form required by law. In making such assessment roll, the Assessor shall possess all the powers and immunities vested in, and shall be charged with all the duties imposed upon, assessing officers by law. On the date and at the time of convening of the Board of Review in each year the Assessor shall deliver the completed assessment roll to the Board of Review. Such roll may be divided into two or more volumes, which shall be identified by the Assessor, for the purpose of convenience. The attachment of any certificate or warrant, required by this chapter, to any volume of the roll, either as an assessment roll or as a tax roll, shall constitute the attachment thereof to the entire roll, provided the several volumes thereof are identified in such certificate or warrant.