Section 11.9 Notice to City of Claims for Injuries.
   The City shall not be liable in damages for injury to persons or property by reason of negligence of the City, its officers, or employees, or by reason of any defective highway, public work, public service improvement, or facility of the City, or by reason of any obstruction, ice, snow, or other encumbrance thereon, unless, within sixty days after such injury occurred, the person damaged or his representative causes to be served upon the Clerk a written notice, stating that such person intends to hold the City liable for such damages. Such notice shall set forth substantially the time and place of the injury, the manner in which it occurred, the nature of the act or defect complained of, the extent of the injury so far as known, and the names and addresses of witnesses known to the claimant. No person shall bring action against the City for damages to person or property arising out of any of the reasons or circumstances aforesaid, unless brought within the period prescribed by law, nor unless he has first presented to the Clerk a claim in writing and under oath, setting forth specifically the nature and extent of the injury and the amount of damages claimed. Such claim shall be presented to the Council for action. It shall be a sufficient bar to any such claim that the notice of injury and the verified proof of claim required by this section were not filed within the time and in the manner herein provided.