Section 10.9 Nomination Petition.
   Persons desiring to qualify as candidates for any elective office under this Charter shall file a petition therefor with the Clerk, signed by not less than twenty-five nor more than fifty registered electors of the City, accompanied by the sworn affidavit of the circulator thereof as to the genuineness of the signatures thereon, not later than 5:00 o'clock p. m., on the seventh Friday prior to the date of the regular City primary. Official blank petitions in substantially the same form as required by State law for State and County officers, except for references to party, shall be prepared and furnished by the Clerk. Before the Clerk shall furnish any nomination petitions to any person, he shall place his initials thereon and enter thereon in ink or typewriter the name of the person in whose behalf the petition is to be circulated, and the name of the office for which he is to be a candidate. The Clerk shall keep a record of all petitions issued from his office. Nomination petitions for the purpose of filling a vacancy shall so state in connection with the name of the office for which the petition is to be circulated. The Clerk shall publish notice of the last day and time for filing nomination petitions at least one week before, and not more than three weeks before that date. No person shall sign his name to a greater number of petitions for any one office than there will be persons elected to said office. Where any name appears on more petitions than there are candidates to be elected to said office, such name shall not be counted upon any petition for that office.
[Editor’s Note] The provision for the time for filing the Nominating Petition and the date for filing Nominating Petition has been superseded by Michigan State Legislative Action.