Section 10.3 Primary Election.
   A non-partisan City primary election shall be held on the date prescribed by State law for the holding of general spring primary elections. If, upon the expiration of the time for filing nomination petitions for the officers of the City with respect to which elections are to be held at the next regular City election, it appears that petitions have been filed for no more than twice the number of candidates for such office, then no primary election shall be held and the Clerk shall publish notice of such fact. It is the intent of this section that if a primary is required for any office, it shall be held for all offices which are to be filled at the next regular City election. The candidates for nomination for each City office to be filled at the next City election, in number equal to twice the number of persons to be elected to such City office, receiving the highest number of votes at any such City primary election shall be declared the nominees for election to the respective offices for which they are candidates for election and their names, or the names of persons filing petitions, or in whose behalf petitions have been filed, in cases where no primary election was held, shall be certified to the Election Commission to be placed upon the ballot for the next subsequent regular City election. No person whose name is not printed on the primary election ballot, but whose name is written on or appears on the ballot on a sticker pasted thereon by the voter at such election, shall be nominated for election to any office unless he shall receive at least twenty-five votes nominating him for such office. To the extent that voting machines are used in City elections, the provisions of law pertaining to voting on voting machines shall apply to and govern the conduct of such elections. 
[Editor's Note] The provision for a spring election has been superseded by Michigan State Legislative Action.