Section 7.7 Police Department.
   (a)   The Police Department shall be in the immediate charge of the Chief of Police, who shall be responsible directly to the City Manager.
   (b)   Police officers shall have all the powers, immunities, and privileges granted to peace officers by law for the making of arrests, the preservation of order, and the safety of persons and property in the City. Any person arrested shall be taken before the proper magistrate or court for examination or trial, without unnecessary delay. Police officers shall make and sign complaints to or before the proper officers and magistrates against any person known to be, or, upon complaint or information, believed to be guilty of any violation of this Charter or ordinances of the City, or of the penal laws of the State or of the United States. For the purposes of this section, violations of the Charter or of ordinances, for which a penalty is provided, shall be deemed to be misdemeanors.