Section 7.4 City Treasurer.
   (a)   The Treasurer shall have the custody of all moneys of the City, the Clerk's bond, and all evidences of value belonging to the City or held in trust by the City;
   (b)   He shall receive all moneys belonging to and receivable by the City, including license fees, taxes, assessments, and all other charges belonging to and payable to the City and shall, in all cases, give a receipt therefor;
   (c)   He shall keep and deposit all moneys or funds in such manner and only in such places as the Council may determine. He shall report the same in detail to the Clerk;
   (d)   He shall have such powers, duties, and prerogatives in regard to the collection and custody of State, County, school district, and City taxes and moneys as are conferred by law to enforce the collection of State, County, Township, and school district taxes upon real and personal property.
   (e)   He shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed for him by State or Federal law, this Charter, or by the Council.