Section 7.2 City Clerk.
   (a)   The Clerk shall be Clerk of the Council. He shall attend all meetings of the Council and shall keep a permanent journal of its proceedings in the English language. He shall keep a record of all ordinances, resolutions, and actions of the Council;
   (b)   He shall have power to administer all oaths required by State law, this Charter and the ordinances of the City;
   (c)   He shall be custodian of the City seal, and shall affix it to all documents and instruments requiring the seal, and shall attest the same. He shall also be custodian of all papers, documents, and records pertaining to the City of Howell, the custody of which is not otherwise provided for by this Charter. All records of the City shall be public and the Clerk and other officers entrusted with such records shall so maintain and keep the same that they may be available to the public at all reasonable times. He shall give to the proper officials of the City ample notice of the expiration or termination of any official bonds, franchises, contracts, or agreements to which the City is a party;
   (d)   He shall certify by his signature all ordinances and resolutions enacted or passed by the Council and perform any other duties required by him by State or Federal law, this Charter, or by the Council and ordinances of the City;
   (e)   He shall be the general accountant of the City, shall keep the books of account of the assets, receipts, and expenditures of the City, and shall keep the Council and the City Manager informed as to the financial affairs of the City. The system of accounts of the City shall conform to such uniform systems as may be required by law;
   (f)   He shall examine and audit all accounts and claims against the City. No withdrawal shall be made from any City fund which, after deducting all withdrawals therefrom, has not a sufficient amount therein to pay such proposed withdrawal;
   (g)   He shall, at least quarterly, and at any time upon direction of the City Manager, examine and audit all books of account kept by any official, board, or department of the City. He shall examine and audit all books of account of the Treasurer at least once each month;
   (h)   He shall balance all the books of account of the City at the end of each calendar month, and shall make a report thereon to the City Manager;
   (i)   He shall perform such other duties in connection with his office as may be required of him by State or Federal law, this Charter, the resolutions or ordinances of the Council, or by the Council.