Section 7.1 City Manager.
   (a)   The City Manager shall be the administrative agent of the Council, shall perform the duties of his office under its authority, and shall be accountable to the Council for the performance of his duties. He shall be chosen on the basis of his executive and administrative qualifications.
   (b)   It shall be the duty of the City Manager to:
      (1)   Supervise, and coordinate the work of the Clerk, except insofar as his work relates to that of Clerk of the Council; the Treasurer; the Assessor; the Police Department; the Fire Department; the Department of Public Works; the Water Department; and such additional administrative offices and departments as the Council may, from time to time create;
      (2)   Assemble the budgets prepared by the several administrative officers and departments of the City and present the same to the Council, with his recommendations;
      (3)   Establish and maintain a central purchasing service for the City;
      (4)   Maintain a City employment and central personnel service for City offices and departments;
      (5)   Maintain an inventory of City-owned property;
      (6)   Keep informed and report to the Council concerning the work of the several offices and departments of the City and, to that end, he may secure from the officers and heads of all administrative departments such information and periodical or special reports as he or the Council may deem necessary;
      (7)   In case of conflict of authority between officers and administrative departments, or in case of absence of administrative authority occasioned by inadequacy of Charter or ordinance provisions, resolve the conflict or supply the necessary authority, so far as may be consistent with law, this Charter, and the ordinances of the City, and direct the necessary action to be taken in conformance therewith; making a full report immediately, to the Council of the problem and his action thereon, with his recommendation for corrective action by the Council;
      (8)   Attend all meetings of the Council, with the right to take part in all discussions, but without the right to vote;
      (9)   Recommend to the Council, from time to time, such measures as he deems necessary or appropriate for the improvement of the City or its services;
      (10)   Furnish the Council with information concerning City affairs and prepare and submit such reports as may be required, including an annual report, which shall consolidate the reports of the several departments;
      (11)   Possess such further powers and perform such additional duties as may be granted to or required of him, from time to time, by the Council, so far as may be consistent with State law and this Charter; and
      (12)   Do everything necessary and proper to execute the foregoing powers.