Section 6.2 Ordinance Enactment.
   All legislation of the City of Howell shall be by ordinance or by resolution. The word "resolution" as used in this Charter shall be the official action of the Council in the form of a motion, and such action shall be limited to matters required or permitted to be done by resolution by this Charter or by State or Federal law and to matters pertaining to the internal affairs or concerns of the City government. All other acts of the Council, and all acts carrying a penalty for the violation thereof, shall be by ordinance. Each ordinance shall be identified by a number and a short title. Each proposed ordinance shall be introduced in written or printed form. The style of all ordinances passed by the Council shall be, "The City of Howell Ordains:. " Except in the case of ordinances which are declared to be emergency ordinances, no ordinance shall be finally passed by the Council at the same meeting at which it is introduced. No ordinance shall be revised, or amended by reference to its title only, but the section or sections of the ordinance revised, or amended shall be re-enacted and published at length, and all ordinances, when enacted, shall be immediately recorded by the Clerk in a book to be called "The Ordinance Book"; and it shall be the duty of the Mayor and Clerk to authenticate such record by their official signatures thereon.