Section 4.12 Surety and Fidelity Bonds.
   Except as otherwise provided in this Charter, the Council may require any officer or employee to give a bond, to be approved by the Council, conditioned upon the faithful and proper performance of the duties of his office or employment, in such sum as the Council shall determine. All such officers or employees receiving, disbursing, or responsible for the City funds shall be bonded. The resignation or removal of any bonded officer or employee shall not, nor shall the appointment of another to the office or employment, exonerate such officer or employee or his sureties from any liability incurred by him or them. All official bonds shall be corporate surety bonds and the premiums thereon shall be paid by the City, except as otherwise provided in this Charter. No bond required by this section shall be renewed upon its expiration or in the event of the reappointment of any officer or employee to a position for which a bond is required, but a new bond shall be furnished. No bond, except that of the Municipal Judge, shall be issued for a term exceeding two years. The requirements of this section may be met by the purchase by the City of one or more blanket corporate surety bonds covering all or any group or groups of the officers and employees of the City.