Section 4.6 Vacancies in Office.
   Every City office shall become vacant upon the happening of any of the following events before the expiration of the term of such office:
   1.   The death of the incumbent;
   2.   His resignation;
   3.   His removal from office;
   4.    His conviction of any infamous crime or of any offense involving a violation of his oath of office;
   5.    His conviction of a violation of this Charter;
   6.    The decision of any competent tribunal, declaring his election or appointment to be void;
   7.   If the officer of the City shall absent himself continuously from the City for more than sixty days without the permission of the Council;
    8.   In the case of the Mayor and members of the Council, where such officer shall miss four consecutive regular meetings of the Council or twenty-five per cent of such meetings in a fiscal year of the City, unless such absence shall be excused by the Council at the time of the absence and the reason therefor entered in the proceedings of the Council;
    9.   If the officer shall be convicted of any act constituting misconduct in office under the provisions of this Charter.
(Amended in 1966)