Section 2.1 Definitions.
   Except as otherwise specifically provided or indicated by the context of this Charter:
   (1)   "Charter" means this Charter, as amended from time to time;
   (2)   "City" means the City of Howell;
   (3)   "Assessor, Attorney, Clerk, and Treasurer" mean the persons occupying, holding the offices, or performing the duties of City Assessor, City Attorney, City Clerk, and City Treasurer, respectively, as the same are required or contemplated by law;
   (4)   "Council" means the City Council of the City of Howell and includes any term employed in any State or Federal law referring to or denoting governing bodies of cities;
   (5)   "Law" means this Charter, the Constitution and statutes of Michigan, and applicable common law;
   (6)   "Person" includes corporations, both public and private, partnerships, and associations, as well as individuals;
   (7)   "Printed" and "printing" include reproductions by printing, engraving, stencil duplication, lithographing, or any similar method;
   (8)   "Publication" means publication by posting in five (5) public places in the City, including the office of the Clerk of the City, or by publishing in a legal newspaper having a general weekly circulation within the County, or both, provided that if publication is made by posting in five (5) public places in the City, including the office of the Clerk, notice of such postings shall be printed in a newspaper having general circulation within the County. (Amended in 1966)
   (9)   "Written" and "in writing" include hand written script, printing, typewriting, and teletype or telegraphic communications;
   (10)   The singular number includes the plural, the plural number includes the singular and the masculine gender includes the feminine gender and the neuter;
   (11)   All words indicating the present tense shall not be limited to the time of the adoption of this Charter, but shall extend to and include the time of the happening of any event or requirement for which provision is made in this Charter.