Upon the declaration of a water supply emergency as provided in § 15-603, the Mayor is also authorized to implement certain mandatory water conservation measures, including, but not limited to, the following:
   (a)   Suspension of new connections to the city’s water distribution system, except connections of fire hydrants and those made pursuant to agreements entered into by the city before the effective date of the declaration of the emergency;
   (b)   Restrictions on the uses of water in one or more classes of water use, wholly or in part;
   (c)   Restrictions on the sales of water at coin-operated facilities or sites;
   (d)   The imposition of water rationing based on any reasonable formula including, but not limited to, the percentage of normal use and per capita or per consumer restrictions;
   (e)   Complete or partial bans on the waste of water; and
   (f)   Any combination of the foregoing measures.