§ 15-501  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this article, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   COMMERCIAL WASTE. All refuse emanating from establishments engaged in business including, but not limited to, stores, markets, office buildings, restaurants, shopping centers, theaters, hospitals, governments and nursing homes.
   DWELLING UNIT. Any enclosure, building, or portion thereof occupied by one or more persons for and as living quarters.
   GARBAGE. Waste resulting from the handling, processing, storage, packaging, preparation, sale, cooking and serving of meat, produce and other foods and shall include unclean containers.
   MULTI-FAMILY UNIT. Any structure containing more than four individual dwelling units.
   REFUSE. All garbage and/or rubbish or trash.
   RESIDENTIAL. Any structure containing four or fewer individual dwelling units, rooming houses having no more than four persons in addition to the family of the owner or operator, and mobile homes.
   RUBBISH or TRASH. All nonputrescible materials such as paper, tin cans, bottles, glass, crockery, rags, ashes, lawn and tree trimmings, stumps, boxes, wood, street sweepings and mineral refuse. RUBBISH or TRASH shall not include earth and waste from building operations or wastes from industrial processes or manufacturing operations.
   SINGLE-DWELLING UNIT. An enclosure, building, or portion thereof occupied by one family as living quarters.
   SOLID WASTE. All non-liquid garbage, rubbish or trash.