(a)   Any person, firm or corporation desiring a connection with the municipal water system shall apply in writing to the City Clerk, on a form furnished by the city for that purpose, for a permit to make the connection.
   (b)   The application shall:
      (1)   Contain an exact description including street address of the property to be served;
      (2)   State the size of tap required;
      (3)   State the size and kind of service pipe to be used;
      (4)   State the full name of the owner of the premises to be served;
      (5)   State the purpose in which the water is to be used;
      (6)   State any other pertinent information required by the City Clerk; and
      (7)   Be signed by the owner or occupant of the premises to be served, or his or her authorized agent.
   (c)   Each application for a connection permit shall be accompanied by payment of fees and/or costs specified in § 15-207.