If said nuisance or accumulation of refuse is not removed or abated within the time limit prescribed in section 3-1-5 of this chapter, the city may also, in addition to any other penalties described in this section:
   A.   Take civil action to obtain an order mandating the abatement of such nuisance or accumulation of refuse and ongoing maintenance of such premises free from nuisance, and/or recover any and all costs of enforcement, litigation, and/or prosecution including, but not limited to, attorney fees and court costs; and/or
   B.   Enter the premises and take such action as is reasonably necessary to abate the nuisance or remove the refuse, the costs of such shall be at the owner's or occupant's expense. If payment for services rendered on the property is not made to the city within fifteen (15) days of the mailing of the billing statement requiring payment of abatement costs and fees, the city may attempt to recover such amount through city bill collection procedures, and/or levy a special assessment against the premises in the manner provided for in the Idaho Code. (Ord. 118, 3-14-1984; amd. Ord. 246, 11-21-2013)