A.   General Disclosure: All users proposing to connect to or to discharge sewage, nondomestic wastes and other wastes to the POTW shall disclose and submit all relevant information as requested by the city.
   B.   Disclosure Forms:
      1.   Significant nondomestic users shall complete and file with the city a data disclosure form prescribed by the city. Existing sources shall file data disclosure forms within one hundred eighty (180) days of promulgation of an applicable categorical pretreatment standard and ninety (90) days upon notification by the city. New sources shall file a data disclosure form at least ninety (90) days prior to commencement of their discharge to the POTW. Certain new and existing users may be required to submit data disclosure forms as prescribed herein. This data disclosure form satisfies the requirement of the user baseline monitoring report as described in 40 CFR 403.12(b). The disclosure to be made by the user shall be made on written forms provided by the city and shall include:
         a.   Disclosure of name, address and location of the facility, including the name of the operator and owner.
         b.   Disclosure of standard industrial classification (SIC) number according to the most current edition of the "Standard Industrial Classification Manual" as published by the United States office of management and budget.
         c.   Identification of the pretreatment standards applicable to each regulated process.
         d.   Disclosure of wastewater constituents and characteristics. The user shall submit the results of sampling and analysis identifying the nature and concentration (daily maximum and average), or mass where appropriate, of regulated pollutants in the discharge from each regulated process. Although the city may specify additional or more frequent samples, a minimum of one sample, representative of daily operations, is required to compile the data necessary to comply with this section. Sampling and analyses shall be performed in accordance with section 7-4-19 of this chapter.
         e.   Disclosure of time and duration of discharges, including copies of flow charts.
         f.   Disclosure of average daily and maximum daily wastewater flow rates, in gallons per day, including any daily, monthly or seasonal variations, of all regulated or manufacturing process streams and other streams as necessary to allow use of the combined waste stream formula of 40 CFR 403.6(e). All flows shall be measured unless other verifiable techniques are approved by the city due to cost or infeasibility.
         g.   Disclosure of site plans, floor plans, plumbing plans and details to show all sewers, sewer connections, inspection manholes, sampling chambers and appurtenances by size and location.
         h.   Description of activities, facilities and plant processes on the premises including all materials which are or may be discharged to the sewers or works of the city and a brief description of the nature, average rate of production and standard industrial classification of the operations.
         i.   A statement regarding whether or not compliance is being achieved with this chapter on a consistent basis and if not, whether additional pretreatment is required for the user to comply with this chapter. The statement on compliance shall be certified to by a qualified professional and reviewed and signed by an authorized representative of the user.
         j.   Where additional pretreatment and/or operation and maintenance activities will be required to comply with this chapter, including categorical standards, the user shall provide a compliance schedule consisting of a declaration of the shortest schedule by which the user will provide such additional pretreatment and/or implementation of additional operational and maintenance activities. A compliance schedule pursuant to this section must meet the requirements outlined in section 7-4-15 of this chapter.
         k.   All data disclosure forms shall be signed by an "authorized representative of the user" as defined in section 7-4-3 of this chapter, and when required by the city, a registered professional engineer.
         l.   Each product produced by type, amount, process or processes and rate of production.
         m.   Type and amount of raw materials used, including chemicals used in process, which may be discharged to sanitary system (average daily and maximum daily).
         n.   List of environmental control permits held by or for the facility.
      2.   The city will evaluate the completeness of the data disclosure form furnished by the user and may require additional information. The city may require inspection and sampling manholes and/or flow measuring or recording and sampling equipment to assure compliance with this chapter. Within thirty (30) days, after full evaluation and acceptance of the data furnished, the city shall notify the user of the city's acceptance through the issuance of an indirect discharge permit, or rejection thereof. Incomplete or inaccurate applications will not be processed and will be promptly returned to the user with an explanation of necessary revisions. Any schedules or timetables submitted by the user shall be subject to review and approval by the city. The city may deny any application for an indirect discharge permit. (Ord. 228, 6-10-2009)