A.   Each user shall provide protection from the accidental discharge of prohibited or regulated materials or substances established by this chapter. Where deemed necessary by the city, facilities to prevent accidental discharge of prohibited materials shall be provided and maintained at the user's cost and expense. Significant nondomestic industrial users are required to notify the city immediately of any changes at its facility affecting potential for a slug load discharge. When required, an accidental spill prevention plan (ASPP) showing facilities and operating procedures to provide this protection shall be submitted to the city for review and approval before construction of the facility or implementation of procedures. Any user required to develop and implement an ASPP shall submit a plan which addresses, at a minimum, the following elements:
      1.   Description of discharge practices, including nonroutine batch discharges;
      2.   Description of stored chemicals;
      3.   Procedures for immediately notifying the POTW of any accidental or slug discharge. Such notification must also be given for any discharge which would violate any of the standards in sections 7-4-4, 7-4-5, 7-4-6, 7-4-7, and 7-4-8 of this chapter. Accidental spill or slug load notification instructions shall be posted in conspicuous places on the user's premises advising employees whom to call; and
      4.   Procedures to prevent adverse impact from any accidental or slug discharge. Such procedures include, but are not limited to, inspection and maintenance of storage areas, handling and transfer of materials, loading and unloading operations, control of plant site runoff, worker training, building of containment structures or equipment, measures for containing toxic pollutants (including solvents), and/or measures and equipment for emergency response.
   B.   Each existing user shall complete and submit its ASPP within sixty (60) days after notification by the city. Each user shall implement its ASPP as submitted after such ASPP has been reviewed and approved by the city. Review and approval of such plans and operating procedures by the city shall not relieve the user from the responsibility to modify its facility as necessary to meet the requirements of this chapter.
   C.   Users shall notify the city wastewater treatment plant immediately upon the occurrence of a slug load or accidental discharge of substances prohibited by this chapter. The notification shall include location of discharge, date and time thereof, type of waste, concentration and volume, and corrective actions. Within five (5) days following an accidental discharge, the user shall submit to the city a detailed written report describing the cause of the discharge and the measures to be taken by the user to prevent similar future occurrences. Any user that discharges a slug load of prohibited materials shall be liable for any expense, loss or damage to the POTW, in addition to the amount of any fines imposed on the city on account thereof under state or federal law. (Ord. 228, 6-10-2009)