A.   Compliance by existing sources covered by categorical pretreatment standards shall be within six (6) months of the date the standard is effective unless a shorter compliance time is specified in the appropriate standard. The city of Horseshoe Bend shall establish a final compliance deadline date for any existing user not covered by categorical pretreatment standards or for any categorical user when local limits for said user are more restrictive than EPA's categorical pretreatment standards. New users shall not be allowed to operate facilities unless pretreatment operations are in place.
   B.   Any indirect discharge permit issued to a categorical user shall not contain a compliance date beyond any deadline date established in EPA's categorical pretreatment standards. Any other existing user or a categorical user that must comply with a more stringent local limit, and is in noncompliance with any local limits, shall be provided with a compliance schedule placed in an indirect discharge permit to ensure compliance within the shortest time feasible. (Ord. 228, 6-10-2009)