For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   DANGEROUS or HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES or MATERIALS.  Any substance which is spilled, leaked, or otherwise released from its container, which in the determination of the ranking fire, police, emergency management, or Building Department official, or other duly authorized personnel or official in charge of the scene, is dangerous or harmful to the environment or human or animal life, health, safety, or welfare, and shall include, but is not limited to, substances such as chemicals and gases, explosives, radioactive materials, petroleum or petroleum products or gases, poisons, etiologic (biologic) agents, flammables, and corrosives.
   EMERGENCY RESPONSE.  The providing, sending, and/or utilizing of public service, police, firefighting, rescue service, or any other agent of the village, at or to an incident involving the leakage, spillage, or any other dissemination of dangerous or hazardous substances or materials.
   EXPENSE OF AN EMERGENCY RESPONSE.  The direct and reasonable costs incurred by the village, or by a private person, corporation, or other entity operating at the request of or direction of the village, when making an emergency response to the incident, including the costs of providing police, firefighting, and rescue service at the scene of the incident.  These costs further include, but are not limited to:  all of the salaries, wages, worker's compensation benefits, and fringe benefits of the village personnel responding to the incident; all salaries, wages, worker’s compensation benefits, and fringe benefits of the village personnel engaged in investigation, supervision, and report preparation; all costs connected with the administration and provision of chemical tests; all costs related to any prosecution of the person or entity causing the incident; cost of the equipment operation; cost of materials obtained directly by the village; and cost of any contract labor or materials.
(Prior Code, § 600.02)