(A)   Notwithstanding other requirements of law, as soon as any person responsible for a facility, or responsible for emergency response for a facility, has information of a release, or suspected release, of pollutants into the storm water system, he or she shall take all reasonable and necessary steps to discover, contain and clean up such release, including, if necessary, contacting emergency response agencies.  He or she shall also notify the village of the discharge, either in person, by telephone or by facsimile, as soon as possible, but in no event more than six hours after learning of the release.
   (B)   All spill notifications provided to the village in person or by telephone shall be documented by that person in writing and mailed to the Administrator within five business days of the incident.
      (1)   The written notice shall specify the following: the composition of the discharge and the cause thereof; the exact date, time and estimated volume of discharge; all measures taken to clean up the discharge and all measures proposed to be taken to reduce and prevent any recurrence; the name and telephone number of the person making the report; and the name of the person who may be contacted for additional information on the matter.
      (2)   The person shall also provide the Administrator with copies of all documents the person submits to state or federal agencies relating to the same release.
(Ord. 2013-02, passed 9-3-2013)