(A)   Notice of intent to terminate sewer service shall be mailed to the owner/occupant of the premises.  The notice shall include the following:
      (1)   Number of months delinquent and amount owing;
      (2)   Intent of village to terminate service; and
      (3)   Owner's/occupant's right to appeal.
   (B)   Any person receiving notice of intent to terminate sewer service shall have the right of appeal to the Village Manager.  The appeals shall be made by filing with the Village Clerk, within 14 days after notice has been mailed, a written statement setting forth fully the grounds for the appeal.  The sewer shall not be shut off while an appeal is pending.  At the appeal hearing, testimony may be given and evidence may be presented.  After the hearing, the Village Manager shall make a determination of facts and recommendation for consideration by the Village Council at its next regularly scheduled meeting.  The Village Council shall make a final determination on the matter.
(Prior Code, § 544.04)