The Director of Code Enforcement, or his or her designee, shall have authority to require the mortgagee and/or owner of record of any property affected by this section, to implement additional maintenance and/or security measures including, but not limited to, securing any and all door, window or other openings, employment of an on-site security guard, the placement of signage with the words "NO TRESPASSING" displayed in bold letters no less than 2 inches high and 1 inch wide shall be conspicuously posted on the property such that the signage is placed so that the bottom of the sign is not less than 3 feet from the ground or more than 5 feet from the ground (said sign shall be visible to any person approaching the property), or other measures as may be reasonably required to help prevent further decline of the property.
(Ord. O-2010-02, passed 1-20-10; Am. Ord. O-2011-13, passed 5-4-11)