(A)   All units shall be rectangular in shape, grouped in blocks. Streets of not less than 18 feet in width, giving easy access to all units, shall be provided. No house car or trailer shall be located within five feet of a unit line, nor shall they be allowed within 50 feet of any city street or avenue, and frontage on any such street shall be landscaped in an attractive manner.
   (B)   An adequate supply of water approved by the City Health Officer shall be provided.
   (C)   Toilets, urinals, lavatories and showers shall be connected with city sewerage, or, in the absence of available sewerage, a septic tank. For a park of seven units or less, there shall be provided one flush toilet, one lavatory and one shower for each sex and one urinal. A like number of toilets, showers, lavatories and urinals shall be provided for each additional seven units or fraction thereof. Toilets and urinals shall not be more than 200 feet from any unit served by them. Concrete or tile shall be used for the floors and walls to a height of five feet in all toilet rooms, shower baths and at laundry tray and slop sink locations.
   (D)   Carwashing facilities in full compliance with the plumbing code and approved by the health authorities must be installed in any park where car washing is done.
   (E)   A two-compartment laundry tub and a slop sink with running water shall be provided for every seven units or fraction thereof. Waste water and slop water shall be disposed of as required by the plumbing code.
   (F)   A sufficient number of large, tightly covered metal garbage cans shall be provided. The park must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition at all times. No accumulation of trash, junk or garbage will be allowed. Such parks shall be given monthly ratings based on cleanliness, orderliness and compliance with all regulations.
('72 Code, § 35-4(1) - (6)) (Ord. 343, passed - - ) Penalty, see § 10.99