(A)   Criteria. Any property existing within the city which has been previously cited for code violation, and has been found in violation by the Code Enforcement Board or a Special Master or Special Magistrate, and which remains in violation for a period of 45 days following citation, shall be considered to be a “Chronic Violation” and shall be subject to the penalties and remedies contained herein.
   (B)   Penalties and remedies.
      (1)   In addition to those existing penalties established under the City Code of Ordinances (Code Enforcement Special Magistrates, Unsafe Structures Board, and the like), the following penalties and remedies may also be applied by the city to those properties deemed to be “Chronic Violations.” Nothing contained in this section shall prohibit the city from enforcing its ordinances by other means.
      (2)   City forces and/or authorized private contractors may be utilized to correct existing chronic violations. The cost of such action will be billed to the property owner. The city shall have a lien upon the property in such amount until paid, which lien shall be prior to all other liens on such property, except taxes. Such lien, when delinquent for more than 30 days, may be foreclosed in the manner provided for the foreclosure of mortgages on real property.
      (3)   Not later than ten days prior to correcting a chronic violation, the city shall give notice to the owner of the subject property that the city will correct the violation if its is not otherwise corrected by the date specified in the notice and that all costs incurred will be lien against the property. Such notice may be provided either by certified mail, return receipt requested, or by regular mail and posting on the property.
(Ord. O-95-04, passed 1-18-95; Am. Ord. O-96-07, passed 2-28-96; Am. Ord. O-96-22, passed 7-3-96; Am. Ord. O-2005-02, passed 3-2-05)