The owner shall not occupy, permit another to occupy, or let to another for occupancy a dwelling, dwelling unit, or hotel or rooming unit that is not clean, sanitary, safe and fit for human habitation.
   (A)   The owner and operator of a dwelling or dwelling unit shall, jointly and severally:
      (1)   Maintain in a clean and sanitary condition the shared or public areas of a dwelling containing more than one dwelling unit; shared or public areas shall include yards, courts, driveways, parking areas, lawns and shrubbery.
      (2)   Maintain the exterior premises so as to prevent the accumulation of stagnant water thereon.
      (3)   Be responsible for the extermination of any rodents, vermin and other pests in all public or shared areas, and when infestation of other areas is caused by his failure to carry out the provisions of this chapter.
      (4)   Maintain in a good working and sanitary condition all mechanical installations including but not limited to stoves, ovens, refrigerators, air-conditioning units, heating units, pool pumps, washers, and dryers.
   (B)   The owner and operator of every hotel or rooming house shall, jointly and severally:
      (1)   Be responsible for the sanitary and safe maintenance of all equipment, furnishings, walls, floors, ceilings and other building parts, and
the entire premises, including yards, courts, driveways, lawns and shrubbery.
      (2)   Provide shades, draperies or other devices or materials for all windows which, when properly used, will afford privacy to the occupants of the hotel or rooming unit.
      (3)   Permit no cooking in any hotel or rooming units where appropriate cooking facilities have not been permanently installed in accordance with the provisions of this code and the Florida Building Code in effect in Broward County, as revised from time to time.
      (4)   Be responsible for the prompt and sanitary disposal of all garbage and trash through the use of approved mechanical equipment or by placing same in the required containers; disposal of rubbish, garbage,junk, lawn and shrubbery cuttings, leaves and other waste material as provided by applicable law.
      (5)   Be responsible for the extermination of rodents, vermin and other pests.
      (6)   Maintain the exterior so as to prevent the accumulation or stagnant water thereon.
      (7)   Not allow animals or pets to be kept in any unit or on the premises in such a manner as to create unsanitary conditions or a nuisance.
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