§ 157.18 SANITATION.
   Requirements for basic sanitary facilities and equipment shall be as follows:
   (A)   Each dwelling and dwelling unit shall have not less than the following in proper operating condition:
      (1)   A flush water closet, lavatory basin and a bathtub or shower.
      (2)   A kitchen sink of the type and material approved by the Florida Building Code in effect in Broward County, as revised from time to time, or other recognized code.
      (3)   Adequate receptacles for the storage of garbage, trash and refuse. Such receptacle shall be suitably enclosed and located so as not to constitute a threat to the health, safety and welfare of the occupants. This provision shall not preclude the use of approved plastic refuse bags, nor shall this provision preclude the use of enclosed receptacles within a dwelling unit when such receptacle is maintained in a clean and sanitary manner. Areas around dumpsters and city garbage receptacles must be kept free of any garbage, trash, and refuse.
   (B)   Each hotel and rooming house shall have not less than the following in proper operating condition:
      (1)   One flush water closet, lavatory basin and bathtub or shower for each six persons or fraction thereof residing within such hotel or rooming house.
      (2)   Where ten or more persons reside within a rooming house, separate facilities consisting of one flush water closet, lavatory basin and bathtub or shower, in good working condition, shall be provided for each six persons. A hotel shall have one bathroom per room.
      (3)   Flush urinals may be substituted for not more than half the required number of water closets.
      (4)   Adequate receptacles for the storage of garbage, trash and refuse.
   (C)   Each dwelling, dwelling unit, hotel and rooming house shall provide for the privacy and accessibility of toilet and bath facilities as follows:
      (1)   All water closets, urinals, bathtubs and showers shall be located in a room or rooms which afford privacy to the user. Such rooms shall be fully enclosed and screened from public view. All doors shall close securely and lock.
      (2)   Room or rooms containing water closets, urinals, bathtubs or showers shall be not more than one story removed from the hotel or rooming units of any occupant sharing the facilities.
      (3)   All toilet and bath facilities shall be so located as to be accessible without going through a dwelling unit or hotel or rooming unit of another occupant.
      (4)   Rooms containing toilet or bath facilities shall not open directly into kitchen areas.
   (D)   Each kitchen sink, each lavatory basin, and each bathtub and shower shall be supplied with hot and cold water.
      (1)   Water heating facilities shall be properly installed, connected and maintained in a safe and good working condition. The water heating facilities shall be adequate to supply 20 gallons of not less than 120°F. water per day for each occupant.
      (2)   No electric water heater shall be allowed in any bathroom unless the water heater and all electrical connections are totally encased in a nonconductive material or the water heater is installed in such a manner as to avoid the probability of shock hazard.
   (E)   All plumbing fixtures shall be properly connected to approved water and sewer systems. Where a sewer system is not available, drain lines shall be connected to an approved, fully functional septic tank and drain field.
   (F)   Every plumbing fixture, water pipe, waste pipe, gas line and drain line, including tenant-owned equipment, shall be maintained in good, sanitary, properly operating working condition.
   (G)   Floor surfaces in water closet compartments, bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens shall be covered with asphalt, vinyl-asbestos, vinyl-plastic, rubber tile, ceramic tile, terrazzo or linoleum or other durable, waterproof, nonabsorbent material; and such floors shall be properly maintained in clean and sanitary condition. No finish flooring material which requires “face nailing” (i.e. carpeting) shall be used.
   (H)   Every occupied dwelling unit shall have a properly installed cooking facility consisting of a stove having at least two top burners. Every occupied dwelling shall have a properly installed and operating refrigerator.
      (1)   Utility connections shall be provided in each dwelling unit for the cooking facility.
      (2)   Cooking facilities shall not be permitted in any hotel or rooming unit.
   (I)   If carpeting is used as a floor cover, it must be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition and shall not show signs of deterioration.
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