§ 157.01 PURPOSE; SCOPE.
   The purpose of this chapter is to establish uniform minimum standards for the occupancy and maintenance of dwellings, hotels, rooming houses, and commercial, industrial and institutional structures located in the city. The objectives of this code are to improve, preserve and maintain the buildings and structures of the city and to eliminate the blighting influences thereto. Every building or structure in the city that is subject to the provisions of this code shall conform to the requirements of this code regardless of when the building or structure may have been constructed, altered or repaired. This code does not replace or modify standards of other codes or ordinances for the construction, replacement or repair of buildings, and with respect to unsafe structures, this code shall be in accordance with the Florida Building Code in effect in Broward County, as revised from time to time.
(‘72 Code, § 15-1) (Ord. O-81-78, passed 11-4-81; Am. Ord. O-83-2, passed 2-2-83; Am. Ord. O-89-53, passed 9-6-89; Am. Ord. O-2005-02, passed 3-2-05)