(A)   Any person found to have violated any provision of this chapter may be subject to the penalties specified in the Hollywood City Code.
   (B)   The first violation of this chapter may be subject to a fine of $100; a second violation occurring within six months may be subject to a fine of $500; and a third and any subsequent violations within a six month period may be subject to a fine of $1,000 per occurrence.
   (C)   As an alternative or additional means of enforcement, in order to maintain the peace and domestic tranquility of the surrounding neighborhood, the city may deny any applicable extended hours license pursuant to § 113.26, City of Hollywood Code of Ordinances, or seek injunctive relief as set forth by law in cases of recurring violations of this chapter. A violation shall be considered “recurring” when a person or entity has received three notices of violation within any 60 day period.
   (D)   Any additional violations will be cited and set for a special magistrate hearing.
   (E)   Each calendar day on which a violation exists shall constitute a separate violation for the purpose of determining the fine.
   (F)   Any nonresidential property that is adjudicated for violating the provisions of § 100.02(F)(1) two or more times within a 30-day period shall be required to change its closing hours to 10:00 p.m. for a period of 30 days.
   (G)   Violations of this chapter may be enforced by arrest.
(Ord. O-95-35, passed 7-5-95; Am. Ord. O-97-07, passed 3-26-97; Am. Ord. O-2018-10, passed 6-6-18; Am. Ord. O-2021-05, passed 4-7-21)