It shall be unlawful for any person to do any acts set forth below upon Hollywood Beach as described in § 99.01:
   (A)   Launch any type of boat, vessel (motorized or non-motorized) or personal watercraft within the municipal beach area with the exception of a designated launch area to be used for nonmotorized pleasure craft and boats being used by agencies for the protection and safety of the public (see § 99.02(B)(4)).
   (B)   Use a surfboard, canoe, boat or noninflatable raft in the municipal beach area except in designated areas.
   (C)   Bathe or swim in the designated boat launching areas.
   (D)   Swimming, bathing, surfing, or water activity of any kind, use of any inflatable rafts, inner tubes, or any floating or inflated object of any kind, during severe water or weather conditions as designated by the Beach Safety Division. Such areas will be designated by the appropriate Red Flag being posted in the area.
   (E)   Swim, bathe or participate in other water activities in the proximity of groins, jetties or other hazards, or, sit, stand, or perform any activity on these structures.
   (F)   Spearfishing is prohibited within 100 yards of the public/municipal beach. It is unlawful to carry or possess a loaded spear gun on the public/municipal beach or in the public swimming areas. Participants must have fish bag and a raft.
   (G)   Build or maintain a fire upon the beach, except in locations permitted on a case by case basis and approved by the Fire Chief or his/her designee. Utilize any cooking device, equipment, or combustible devices containing fuel of any kind.
   (H)   Consume and/or carry in any cup, glass, can, bottle or other open or uncovered container, any alcoholic beverage upon the beach, broadwalk, bandshell, public picnic areas or in any adjacent structures or facilities, except as allowed in § 99.02(B)(5).
   (I)   Misuse, damage, or injure or destroy any structure, vehicle or equipment provided by the city in connection with the operation of the municipal beach area.
   (J)   Drive or operate any device which is not operated exclusively by human power upon the broadwalk or beach, except if expressly permitted by law. However, this provision shall not apply to regular employees of the city or Beach District of the CRA working under the direction and supervision of the city or Beach District of the CRA or with the express permission of the city.
   (K)   Have or carry any animal, bird or reptile, or feed sea gulls or pigeons within the beach, broadwalk or public picnic areas.
   (L)   Skateboard upon the broadwalk.
   (M)   Use or possess any fireworks or explosives. Fireworks or explosives seized as a result of this division may be confiscated in accordance with F.S. § 791.05. Fireworks shall mean any combustible or explosive composition or substance or combination of substance or any article prepared for the purpose of producing a visible or audible effect by combustion, explosion, deflagration or detonation, including sparklers.
   (N)   Use of tie outs for shade covers or ganged shade covers (physically attached to each other). Use of umbrellas, tents or canopies that are placed less than ten feet apart from another umbrella, tent or canopy. Use of umbrellas in the areas designated by markers and/or cones as set forth in § 99.02(A)(7).
   (O)   Possession or use of any inflatable rafts, inner tubes or other similar floatation devices which are designed to accommodate or hold more than two people.
   (P)   Use of tables of any kind.
   (Q)   Use of a cooler that exceed 36 inches in length and/or has a capacity greater than 75 quarts.
   (R)   The operation of any device that produces loud music or noise which annoys or disturbs beach patrons due to its volume.
   (S)   The operation of any low-profile recumbent cycle that has any single wheel diameter of less than 24 inches, including but not limited to recumbent tricycles known as mini peel, banana peel or fun cycles. Devices used for the mobility of disabled persons are exempt from this provision.
   (T)   Smoke cigarettes, filtered cigars, pipes, or use any other lighted tobacco product.
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